11. Czech Indoor In-line Open

Czech National championchips in indoor inline speedskating


20th January 2019

Sportcenter Nymburk


Place:                          Sportovní centrum Nymburk, Sportovní 1801, Nymburk (50 km east from Prague),


In-line indoor track in the Central court of the famous Sport center, wooden parket floor, good spectators facilities, dressing rooms.



KSBM Praha speedskating club (www.ksbm.cz), under the cover of CSKB

Cheef Referee: Denis Krupka

Director: Ludmila Krupková


Program CIIO: 

Saturday 20. 1. 2019

 8:00-9:00 – registration

9:00-9:55 – training

9:30 – meeting

10:00 – Start of the races

Participants:               Skaters (male and female) of all categories, from beginners to Elite  and Seniors according to current definition of categories. The final assignment to categories might be changed according to the received inscriptions. There will be held also the Czech championships – this part will be awarded indipendently.

The number of participants is limited.

Registration fee:

Registrations:   8 €

Registrations after this date and on the day of competition: 10 €

Schüler D, C  and Fitness cathegory – 4 €

Registration is available via by e-mail (lida.krupkova@seznam.cz) or online  on www.indoorinline.cz

(First and last name, year of birth, sex, club, cathegory, contact). Please confirmed as soon as possible lunch and accommodation!

Mailing address:        lida@inlinespeed.cz

                                   Phone Ludmila Krupkova: +420603193080


Program:                    The organizers have the right to modify events program without preliminary notice, regarding the circumstances.


Rules:                          Competition will be held according to Czech Competition Rules and International rules,  and according to the announcement of this competition.


Classification:             Each skater will receive seeding points according to their finish place. Competitor with lowest number of total points will win. In case of a tie, winner of longest distance will be placed higher.


Start numbers:           All participants must wear start numbers caps on protective helmets.

Skaters without start numbers or helmets will not be allowed to compete.


Exclusion of lability:   The organizers take any liability for the condition of the circuit and the dangers being effected by the competing competitors and the officials. Organizers assume no responsibility for any injury and loss or damage to equipment at the time of CIIO.



Elite and advance (men and women):

• Žáci D (Schüler D) 2012-2013
• Žáci C (Schüler C) 2010-2011
• Žáci B (Schüler B) 2008-2009 – MČR
• Žáci A (Schüler A) 2006-2007 – MČR
• Kadeti (Cadetes) 2004-2005- MČR
• Dorost (Youth) 2002-2003 – MČR
• Junioři (Junior) 2000-2001 – MČR
• Senioři (Aktive) 2000-1989 – MČR
• Masters: U-40 1988-1980, U-50 1978-1969, U-60 1968-1959, O-60 1958 -older

Fitness – boys and girls together

  • Fitness D  – 2012 and younger
  • Fitness C – 2010-2011
  • Fitness B – 2008-2009
  • Fitness A – 2006-2007
  • Fitness K – 2004-2005

Categories can be gathered in according to the number of the skaters.




1. Distance 2. Distance 3. Distance
Žákyně D – Schüler D  ½ lap 1 lap 3 laps
Žákyně C – Schüler C   2 laps 1 lap 4 laps
Žákyně B – Schüler B  3 laps 1 lap 5 laps
Žákyně A – Schüler A  5 laps 1 lap 10 laps
Kadetky – Cadets  5 laps 3 laps 15 laps P
Dorost – Youth  10 laps 5 laps 20 laps P
Junior  + Senior ladies 10 laps 5 laps 30 laps P
Masters  10 laps 5 laps 20 laps
Fitness D,C 1/2 laps 2 lap
Fitness B, A 1 lap 3 laps
Fitness K 1 lap 8 laps


Accomodation: Accomodation is available in the same Sport centrum Nymburk – approx. 16 Eur/prs/night incl. breakfast. Phone: T: +420 325 517 801, www.scnb.cz

There is also the posibility to get the lunch for Saturday. Each meal (soup, main meal, salat) – 6 Eur. To make the reservation is possible only till 28.2.2018.


Contact (and if you need any help):

Ludmila Krupková – +420 603193080

e-mail: lida.krupkova@seznam.cz

http: www.indoorinline.cz

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